Research and Development

The Scientific Computing Department (SCD) is involved in a wide range of activities to research, support and develop world class science.  

Applications Division (link opens in a new window)

Research and development of computational biology, chemistry, engineering and physics applications.  These applications provide new functionality and working with the Technology Division ensure that they make full use of today's and tomorrow's computational resources.

Systems Division (link opens in a new window)

The Systems Division, provides national and internationally recognised computing services supporting academia, industry and business.

Technology Division (link opens in a new window)

The Technology Division provides underpinning research and development   resources for Scientific Computing activities in the department. This include code optimisation, parallelisation, algorithm development and software engineering.

Data Division (link opens in a new window)

Working with scientists the Data Division develops new ways of storing and accessing large amounts of data from experiment facilities and simulations. 

Hartree Centre (link opens in a new window)

At the Hartree Centre we utilise the UK’s premier supercomputing environment, researchers and software developers, to provide an outcome based collaborative R&D service to help UK Industry and Academia develop better products, services, processes and software. 
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