05.18.2021- Animesh Data: Estimating Partition Functions: A Quantum-Inspired Classical Algorithm
06 May 2021







Dr Animesh Data, University of Warwick

Host: Alin Marin Elena, Computational Chemistry, SCD

Tuesday 18 May at 14:00-15:00

​Estimating Partition Functions: A Quantum-Inspired Classical Algorithm*

Exact evaluation of partition functions of quantum many-body systems is computationally hard - even for quantum computers. I will present a classical algorithm for estimating partition functions up to a given relative error of quantum many-body systems. This algorithm is provably computationally efficient when the value of the partition function is large. The algorithm was discovered in the course of seeking improved quantum algorithms for partition function estimation. It provides a different insight into the hardness of this computation - distinct from the sign problem. I may present some numerical results obtained using the new algorithm on the 2D Ferm-Hubbard model.

* Joint work with Andrew Jackson and Theodoros Kapourniotis​

Contact: Lomas, Georgia (STFC,DL,SC)