Junior Project Officer - Nima Babaahmadi
04 Nov 2020
- Layla Mirmalek



Nima Babaahmadi decided to work at STFC as it gave him the opportunity to meet people dedicated to science and engineering.

Nima Babaahmadi



Nima Babaahmadi has worked at STFC since October 2019. Although he is based in Oxfordshire now, he grew up in the more exotic Ahwaz, Iran, and it was here that he earned a Diploma in Mathematics and Physics. Nima has had an interest in Science from a young age, he explains;

“As a child, I was always curious to find out how things operate and work. I would take things apart and then put them back together. In high school I did a few subjects in computer studies which I found very interesting so I decided to become a computer engineer as I wanted to program and build websites."

Coming to the UK at 17, Nima studied English at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College and then decided to attend the University Of Glamorgan, Wales, qualifying with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering.  He says this was an important step for him: 'Further education was a great opportunity for me to meet and find friends, as I just moved from Iran to the UK. It helped me to learn about a new culture, improve my English and mix in a society that was so different from back home.'

Afterwards he studied software design and development at Oxford Brookes University, where he gained an MSc in Computer Science.

Nima's attraction to STFC was partly based on familiarity: “My uncle was working as a civil engineer at the time and I used come to visit him occasionally. It was a great opportunity for me to meet many recognised academics who were dedicated to science and engineering," he says.

Nima's current role is in the Scientific Computing Department where he is a junior project officer in the Project Management Office, working in the EU Support team. Focusing on the operational and support side of the PMO, Nima is involved in project finances and accounting, which utilises his skills acquired whilst working for the Research Data Alliance (RDA) foundation. 

Nima expands; “The RDA Foundation is an international non-profit charitable organisation and STFC is a third party participant. I am the Financial Officer so I'm responsible for the finances on a daily basis."

Nima tells us “I'm making sure all SCD project websites meet the accessibility requirements as well as assisting the secretary general to set up the RDA foundation UK and Belgium offices."

For Nima, the best part of his role is the interaction; “I love to meet many recognised people from different organisations across the world. It gives me the opportunity to learn from their experiences by sharing their knowledge."

As for the most useful skill gained at STFC, Nima says he has benefitted from working with lots of varied people; "I have learned how to communicate with different people who have different priorities so in order to get things done I have had to be more persuasive, understanding, organised, focused, motivated and target driven."

For Nima the most exciting thing about being at STFC is having the opportunity to tour the facilities, and travel for work; “I had a tour of Diamond light source which I found fascinating. I also attended some of the RDA plenaries abroad which I really enjoy."

Outside of work Nima enjoys being active. “I like the gym, running and also DIY projects as I like being innovative."  

In ten years' time Nima sees himself climbing the ladder; “I would like to be a chartered project manager who is recognised and established internationally!" This is something Nima is working towards, whilst being at STFC. 

Contact: O'Sullivan, Marion (STFC,RAL,SC)