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RAL R89,S.13/14

I joined the (original) Software Engineering Group in the Informatics Department of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in 1986, working in the area of interactive proof assistants (directly related to my PhD research at Edinburgh University). When these projects ended I spent some years as a developer (largely in C++) on a number of European Esprit projects. Following work on Y2K testing of the Laboratory's finance system I became the chief developer and maintainer of the web-based Financial Reporting System, which ran for many years. In 2011 I moved to what is now the current Software Engineering Group, where I worked on the ePublications interface and the European Framework SCIDIP-ES data preservation project before joining the ICAT team to develop the ICAT Job Portal. My main role at present is continuing development and support of Topcat, the main GUI for the ICAT project.

I am a Member of the BCS, and hold Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional qualifications.

My pastimes include origami, photography, music-making and calligraphy.  My wife and I are keen travellers, having visited Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Peru, Brazil and China, amongst others, though in recent years we've particularly enjoyed relaxing in the Caribbean.​