Computational Collaborative Project communities coordinate against COVID-19
23 Mar 2020



CCP Partners offer their time, resources and expertise for responsive research into the severe acute respiratory coronavirus 2.


​The research community mailing lists of CCPBioSim​​ HECBioSim​ and​​ CCP4​ have been buzzing over the weekend (March 21-22nd, 2020) with researchers sharing their thoughts and ideas about COVID-19, and how they can respond to the pressing need to research this zoonotic virus. ​Scientists are sharing their specialist expertise and are offering their time and resources. Below is a collation of this COVID-19 related information. To learn more about how STFC's National Facilities are facilitating research into COVID-19 take a look here.  


CCPBioSim and HECBioSim​ are planning to incorporate a dedicated webpage on their websites where they will provide information about COVID-19 related project​s in an attempt to avoid duplication of effort and resources. They are also offering staff expertise to run simulations. If you know of any projects involving COVID-19 and/or are willing to lend your group members to run simulations as part of ongoing efforts, please provide details.  Please send a two sentence description of the project, any project partners, a contact name and email and any requests for help/collaborations to

Via the CCP4 bulletin board mailing list came the offer of expertise in '...stabilizing the membrane proteins and domains in different kinds of membranous environments such as liposomes (small and giant vesicles suitable for biochemical and electrophysiological analysis), nanodiscs and malic acid based polymers​.' Contact the ​Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Illinois.


Researchers shared information about websites such as Crowdfight COVID-19 and Proteopedia - Coronavirus Disease 2019. 

The European Bioinformatics Institute provides essential virus research data on COVID-19 EMBL-EBI datahub

Tristan Croll's models and notes​ of rebuilt and refined COVID-19 related structures. Tristan's Twitter thread narrating his work over the past week.

Update: HECBioSim and CCPBioSim COVID-19 website is now live here


Through CCP4 came information about experimental resources and facilities:

The  BioCAT beamline 18ID is interested in hosting any SAXS experiments related to COVID-19 research as remote collaborations where samples are sent to them and run by beamline staff.  People with suitable projects should contact Srinivas Chakravarthy at

Professor Elizabeth Tunbridge's lab Elizabeth Tunbridge's lab at Oxford are offering polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines and expertise to help fill the testing shortfall in the UK. For further information contact 

Diamond Light Source is offering, subject to light touch rapid review, free-at-the-point of use remote access to a range of facilities to help research aimed at combatting the COVID-19 outbreak. This applies equally to users from all countries. Short rapid access proposal Please either fill in the form or send a free-format expression of interest direct to:



In London, The Francis Crick Institute is offering facilities to public health England, and over 300 Crick scientists have volunteered to help with testing, as have researchers further north at Newcastle Un​​iversity's  Faculty of Medical Sciences​.

​Launched today (March 23rd, 2020) is the UKRI alliance​ to map the behaviour and spread of COVID-19

​If you would like to get involved in COVID-19 research, see here



Contact: Geatches, Dawn (STFC,DL,SC)