CoSeC Events
01 Jan 2019






​EventDate(s)​Location​Organiser​​Registration Deadline
​CASTEP training workshop​14-18 August 2018​OxfordSimone Sturniolo (STFC)​​CLOSED
​CASTEP developer workshop​15-18 August 2018​OxfordSimone Sturniolo (STFC)​CLOSED
Discrete Models and Formal Verification in Biology (MGMS)​29-31 August 2018​Murray Edwards College, CambridgeCLOSED
The 6th Annual CCPBioSim Meeting: Molecular Simulations in Drug Discovery and Development​5-7 September 2018​University of OxfordCLOSED
​UK R-matrix & AMOR meeting​10-11 September 2018Queen's University Belfast​Martin Plummer (STFC)CLOSED
​CCP5 AGM 2018​10-12 September 2018​University of ManchesterCLOSED
Electron Scattering Cross Sections for Plasma Physics and Chemistry with Quantemol-N​14 September 2018University College London​CLOSED
MSSC2018 - Ab initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry​17-29 September 2018​Imperial College LondonCLOSED
​Introduction to Modern Fortran to QMul​29-30 October 2018​Alin Elena (STFC)CLOSED
Simulations for the Experimentalists and the Industrialists Workshop6-7 November 2018​​Diamond Light SourceCLOSED
​2nd DL_POLY Developer Meeting
13-14 November 2018​STFC Daresbury Laboratory​​Alin Elena (STFC)​CLOSED
Workshop on Ab Initio Spin Modelling​26-28 November 2018​CECAM, LausanneCLOSED
PRACE Seasonal School "Computational Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicinal chemistry – Methods and Tools" including DL_SOFTWARE Training Sessions
​26-29 November 2018
​Sofia, Bulgaria
DL_Software Training
10-12 December 2018​
University of ManchesterCLOSED
New horizons in atomistic simulation​4 January 2019
University of York​CLOSED
CCP4 Study Weekend​8-10 January 2019
University of Nottingham​CLOSED
​Getting started with biomolecular simulations​10-11 January 2019
University of Leeds​CLOSED
​UKCP/MCC/EPCC Workshop on ab initio perioidic codes
21-25 January 2019​STFC Daresbury Laboratory​Gilberto Teobaldi
Forcefields: Status, Challenges & Vision​28-29 January 2019
STFC Daresbury LaboratoryCLOSED
​Introduction to MPI​4-6 February 2019
​Queen Mary University London​Alin Elena (STFC)CLOSED
First ​CASTEP Users' Workshop
​18-19 March 2019
​University of Birmingham
The 6th Computational Molecular Science (CMS) meeting​27-29 March 2019
​University of Warwick
CCP-EM Spring Symposium​29 April - 1 May 2019
University of Nottingham​​CLOSED
CCP5 Summer School 20198-18 July 2019University of Durham​Alin ElenaCLOSED
CCP PET-MR Hackathon 4​23-24 September 2019
​University of Bath
​1 September 2019
Synergistic Reconstruction Symposium
3-6 November 2019Chester and STFC Daresbury Laboratory

​15 September 2019
Contact: Jones, Damian (STFC,DL,SC)