Computational Mathematics Group Leader - Tyrone Rees
19 Feb 2021
- Hal Dodman



Tyrone uses maths to write computer programs that help give results that are either better than before, or get the same answer quicker than before.

Tyrone Rees headshot

​Tyrone Rees has always loved science. He recalls his grandparents giving him a chemistry set at the age of 6 or 7 and setting up a 'science lab' in his parents' garage. At university he discovered the world of pure maths and really enjoyed it. Today he leads SCD's Computational Mathematics Group

“We are well placed in STFC to produce maths that is not just elegant, but is also practical. Working so close to the scientists that make use of numerical algorithms every day means we get more chance than most to both see where the numerical bottlenecks are in current algorithms, and to actually get people to use the maths we develop."

“I have learned a lot about many things in my time at STFC, from software engineering to project management. Possibly the most useful skill has been the ability to be presented with something new - be it a scientific technique, a mathematical result, or a software framework – and quickly be able to make sense of it enough to extend it or use it."

Contact: Dodman, Hal (STFC,RAL,SC)