Connor Pettitt

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(01235) 821900 (RAL Switchboard)
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​​​​I joined SCD at STFC in September 2018 to take part in their two year graduate scheme. I graduated in 2017 with an MSci Physics degree and had interests in computing applied in a more scientific context. 

My first project was a system admin in Data Services Group for the Echo storage cluster which provides services to national and international experiments such as Diamond, ISIS, LHC, and climate research. I spent six months learning how to use Linux to maintain and upgrade the systems that Echo runs on, where my primary goal was to set up a new bare metal metrics system to reduce load on the cloud infrastructure. For my second project as a data scientist in Scientific Machine Learning (SciML) my main goals were to investigate photometric redshift estimation using machine learning, and to help produce a benchmark tool using astronomy data.

I'm currently working in the Distributed Computing Infrastructure Group, where my role involves dev/ops for APEL accounting and GOCDB.​