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​​​​​​I work at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Research Infrastructure Group which is part of the Systems Division of the Scientific Computing Department.

I currently work on the JASMIN project ( which provides a data analysis environment for the UK and European climate, earth-system science and other communities. JASMIN is a combination of high performance parallel storage, Objetc storage, Scale-Out File System storage, HPC cluster, virtualisation and cloud, and a data transfer zone, all joined together with a high bandwidth network.

My main role is managing the operational side of the JASMIN infrastructure, although I also get involved in new developments from time to time.

I originally studied Technical Architecture in Spain, but quickly decided to change career and studied a BSc (Joint Honours) in Computing and Intelligent Systems at Oxford Brookes University. I joined STFC as a graduate just after finishing my degree and have been working here since.