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Hello, thanks for visiting this page! I have dual roles as a computational scientist and an impact manager for CoSeC.

With my scientist's hat on I simulate exploratory and analytical experiments on a computer –‘in silico’ if you like – to determine the structure and properties of different materials. I use quantum mechanics based software to probe the behaviour of electrons. Some of the materials I have researched include: clay minerals and how they adsorb molecules on their outer surfaces and inside the spaces within their structure; mineral oxides and how they adsorb pollutants such as mercury; pre-cursor materials of perovskites; organic molecular crystals, and solid state solar cell dye devices.

Clay minerals are prevalent in our lives in many contexts, from drug delivery to cat litter, and a variant of clay minerals may even have contributed to the origins of biological life on Earth. Mineral oxides are also abundant and are used everywhere, the most common of which and most diversely exploited is titanium dioxide used in sun cream and in solar cells. Perovskites are also used in the renewables energy industry, and organic molecular crystals are highly important to the pharmaceutical industry.​

For my impact role I work on producing material to demonstrate the impact of the CoSeC supported communities by writing and
​compiling news articles, case studies and tweets.