Adam Jackson

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(01235) 446901
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RAL Remoteworking,-
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I am a member of the Theoretical and Computational Physics Group, primarily working on simulation software to support inelastic neutron scattering experiments at ISIS. This includes updating the Abins tool in Mantid, and collaborating with the PACE project to develop a shared library Euphonic.

I studied Chemical Engineering (MEng) at University of Bath before being drawn into the world of first-principles atomistic simulations as part of an MRes & PhD at Bath's CSCT doctoral centre. I spent a 3-year post-doc at University College London (my hometown) before joining SCD. Up to this point all of my research related to opto-electronic materials; semiconductors that create, absorb or pass visible light.​

Such computational research involves a variety of "codes" developed in academia and I became passionate about sustainable research software development, leading to the award of a Software Sustainability Institute​ fellowship. I remain involved in a wider ecosystem of atomistic software, maintaining packages for post-processing of electronic structure calculations.​