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​​I joined STFC in the SCD at the beginning of 2021. Before this I had been studying and researching physics for the last 9 years, attaining my MSci master's degree from the University of Birmingham before going on to complete my PhD with the University of Edinburgh. The focus of my doctoral research was in the study of how computationally simulated event samples are used in the measurement of properties of the Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at CERN, during which I experienced interacting with the WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid) as a scientific user. Now I am on the supporting end of that relationship in the role of a storage systems administrator, helping to ensure the smooth operation of the petabyte-scale data storage provided by SCD to the Tier 1, the UK's largest infrastructure contribution to the WLCG.

I have found my time so far at STFC to be very rewarding, with an excellent workplace ethic, and a plethora of interesting and knowledgeable colleagues. There is also a great incentive to keep learning, improve myself, and discover new technologies and how they can fit in with what we do.​

Outside of work I enjoy gaming, maintaining my custom PC, and keeping up to date with consumer tech. I also have a keen interest in speculative fiction, history, and hiking. However it must be said that my greatest passion is in travel: experiencing new places, cultures, and cuisines is a personal joy that I don't think can be beaten!"