Personal Assistant - Sally Prydderch
18 Nov 2020



Sally’s career in STFC has involved supporting scientists in several departments. Now in the Scientific Computing Department, Sally is the Personal Assistant to the Operations Manager, the Chief Data Scientist and co-PA to the Director!

Sally Prydderch



Sally grew up on her family farm where, she says, “I spent a lot of time falling off ponies!” At school, her scientific interest stemmed from enjoying biology; however her favourite subject was English due to her love of reading. As her first paid job, Sally started working at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory following a year of college and has spent her time here working first as an administrator, then a Personal Assistant. She says, “Working at STFC allows an excellent work-life balance between an office-based job and family and countryside living.”

Sally’s career has been varied as she has supported engineers and scientists in several departments, such as the Engineering and Building Works Division, the Technology Department and the Space Science Department. She says, “There is such an amazing choice of careers involving a vast range of science, and ground breaking discoveries are being made every day. It’s exciting to be involved.”

A further move saw Sally take on the role of Personal Assistant to the Head of Administration before taking a career break. She later returned to work as Project Secretary for the Target Station II project in the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source. When asked about the most useful skills she has acquired in her range of roles, she states, “being able to multitask!”

Sally then changed her career path and took 12 years out from STFC. She worked in a number of different sectors and produced test reports for an oil additive company, became a project assistant for a pharmaceutical consultancy, and finally took on casework administration for a Forensic Services company. 

In February 2020 Sally returned to STFC, joining the Scientific Computing Department as a Personal Assistant to the Operations Manager, the Chief Data Scientist and co-PA to the Director. As well as splitting her time supporting these senior staff, her day to day role includes providing a range of admin support across the whole department and some duties for the SCD Project Management Office. Sally states, “The best part of my role is the variety of the tasks I undertake, and working with colleagues who are passionate about what they do.”

In her spare time Sally keeps a small herd of dairy goats which she breeds and exhibits at agricultural shows, and enjoys long walks with Amber, her yellow Labrador. She also loves to bake. The family favourite?  She laughs, “You can’t beat a Victoria Sponge!”

Contact: Humble, Rebecca (STFC,RAL,SC)