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I joined the STFC graduate scheme in SCD in August 2020 after graduating with an MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics degree from the University of Manchester in 2019. I have so far completed two 6-month projects, and my next project will take me to the Data Services group where I will be looking at parallelising data access to Ceph with XRootD.

In my first project I worked in the Distributed Computing Infrastructure group. Here I was tasked with adding a new login/authentication method to one of the services they provide for the IRIS project, as well as creating a new storage accounting dashboard for IRIS using grafana. For my second 6-month project I chose to work in the Theoretical and Computational Physics group. Here I was working in a small team on the Muon Spectroscopy Computational Project, looking at computationally predicting muon stopping sites in materials to aid physical experiments.

I have also had the opportunity to volunteer at several virtual public engagement events, introducing school-aged children to programming and what we do in the Scientific Computing Department and STFC.​