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17 Aug 2017






​​"Partnerships in research software"


The Computational Science Centre for Research Communities (CoSeC) supports the advancement of scientific research by developing and strengthening software to analyse and solve increasingly complex problems in multiple disciplines - physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, and more.

Funded by EPSRC, MRC, and BBSRC, we also provide a hub for exchanging knowledge and expertise through training and outreach. Long-term partnerships and collaborations with universities and other research establishments are at the heart of what we do. Together, we convey longevity to the software and expertise that, alongside  continued advancement of computational hardware and the nurturing of strong collaborations, provide what is necessary  for scientific communities to flourish.

CoSeC Blog

​06/02/19​As part of an international team lead by Philipp Neumann at Universität Hamburg, STFC staff from CCP5 contribute to molecular dynamics simulation world record: 20 trillion molecules.
​04/02/19Last month CoSeC staff organised the "2nd Joint CCP9-MCC-UKCP-EPCC Workshop on Ab initio Periodic Codes" held at STFC Daresbury Laboratory. Codes represented were: ABINIT, BIGDFT, CASTEP, CP2K, CRYSTAL, FHIaims and ONETEP​.
​31/01/19The CoSeC developed code DL_MESO is at the centre of a new spin-out company FORMERIC based at STFC Daresbury Laboratory. Read more about it.​
​31/01/19​This week STFC's Scientific Computing Department hosted the "Forcefields: Status, Challenges & Vision" workshop organised jointly by CoSec staff from CCP5, CCPBioSim, UKCP, CCP9 and the Materials Chemistry Consortium in association with CECAM.


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Contact: Jones, Damian (STFC,DL,SC)