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CoSeC is a core group of people that supports a wide range of computational scientific and engineering communities. Find out who comprises CoSeC, the communities they support, and the breadth of the support received.


Meet the Project Office Team​

All activities of CoSeC are co-ordinated from the Project Office which is managed by Damian Jones.The Project Office remit includes the collection and collation of data for the mid-term and annual CoSeC reports, monitoring of effort bookings and spend, monitoring of progress against project job plans and milestones, support for funded CCP and HEC conferences and workshops, monitoring of the SLA (Service Licence Agreement) allocation on ARCHER, and advice to increase the impact and dissemination of the work completed using CoSeC funding through the Impact Manager Dawn Geatches. Ongoing support for the CoSeC project web sites is provided through the Project Office and by the Research Infrastructure Group at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.​​​​​
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Dr. Barbara Montanari
​Barbara Montanari, ​Director of CoSeC and 
Head of the Computational Science 
and Engineering Division

​Damian Jones, CoSeC
Project Office Manager

Stephen M. Longshaw
​Stephen Longshaw, Principal
Computational Scientist
and CoSeC Technical Lead

Dawn Geatches
​​Dawn Geatches, Senior
Computational Scientist
and CoSeC Impact Manager




Meet the Core Staff through their STFC Groups

​At any one time there are approximately 25 of us computational scientists and specialist ​research software engineers who combine science domain knowledge with software engineering skills to provide support to a collection of computational communities. We care about building and maintaining knowledge, expertise, and software consistently and sustainably - and have done so for over 40 years. Our scientific expertise spans a range of length-scales in computational science and engineering (CSE) areas within the Groups shown below.


Meet the Communities Supported through CoSeC and learn about the support they receive

The EPSRC-CoSeC programme supports research communities organised in Collaborative Computational Projects (CCPs) and High End Computing Consortia (HEC), as well as any community that benefits from the Software Outlook ​Programme. The science and engineering computational fields these CCPs and HECs cover are shown in the Landscape image at the top of this page.