CECAM-UK Node at Daresbury Laboratory
06 Feb 2019










The CECAM node at Daresbury Laboratory is hosted by STFC's Scientific Computing Department (SCD). The computational research interests and capabilities are among others:

  • Data intensive computing, Numerical analysis, Cognitive computing, and Software engineering
  • Multiscale modelling in physics, chemistry, materials science, life sciences, and engineering
  • Computational modelling in support of STFC experimental programmes
  • Computational modelling support of ​UK scientific community through Collaborative Computational Projects under the Computational Science Centre for Research Comunities (CoSeC)

Workshops and Schools 2019/20

7th CAPRI evaluation meeting
EMBL-EBI, 3-5 April 2019
Questaal_2019web.GIF3rd Daresbury QUESTAAL School
STFC Daresbury Laboratory, 13-17 May 2019
Lincoln_June2019.GIFEmerging behaviour in active matter: computational challenges
University of Lincoln, 27-29 June 2019
Liverpool.GIFAccelerating material discovery by smart high-throughput computations
University of Liverpool, 3-5 July 2019
CCP5.GIFCCP5 Summer School 2019
Durham University, 8-18 July 2019
eCam.GIFExtended software development workshop in quantum dynamics
Durham University, 8-19 July 2019 (with CECAM-HQ),
PhysicsLake.GIFPhysics by the Lake
University of Stirling, 5-16 August 2019
Saturne.GIFAdvanced CFD and Turbulence Modelling Targeting HPC
Zaragoza Scientific Center for Advanced Modelling, 1-3 October 2019 (with CECAM-ES node)
Ions2019.GIFIons, membrane and channels: Multiscale simulations from quantum to coarse-grain. A symposium in honor of Mike Klein’s 80th birthday
Maison de la Simulation, 29-31 March 2020 (with CECAM-FR-Moser, CECAM-DE-Juelich, and CECAM-IT-SISSA-SNS)


CoSeC:   https://www.scd.stfc.ac.uk/Pages/CoSeC.aspx

CECAM nodes:   https://www.cecam.org/nodes.html

E-CAM:   https://www.e-cam2020.eu/


Dr Leon Petit
Science and Technology Failities Council
SciTech Daresbury, Warrington

Contact: Petit, Leon (STFC,DL,SC)