CIUK 2020 Cluster Challenge
14 Jan 2020





We are excited to introduce the CIUK Student Cluster Challenge that will make its debut at CIUK 2020



  • In 2020, CIUK will feature the inaugural CIUK Student Cluster Challenge
  • Teams of six students will complete a number of mini challenges over the weeks leading up to the conference, culminating in one final challenge during the event on 3 December.
  • Based on the CIUK competition, a CIUK team will be identified to compete in the International Supercomputing Student Cluster Challenge in Frankfurt in June 2021.
  • Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate.

The UKRI e-Infrastructure Roadmap has highlighted the essential need for skilled people to support the successful exploitation of HPC and AI in UK science and industry – the CIUK Student Cluster Challenge initiative is a step towards addressing this need.

The competition will be run according to the Terms and Conditions of the International Supercomputing Student Cluster Competition, which is supported by the HPC AI Advisory Board. This will then enable us to sponsor a CIUK Team for the ISC event in June 2021 – a place has already been booked for the CIUK team! Now is your opportunity to get involved.

Meet the Cluster Challenge Companies

The following compaines will be providing remote access to their systems as part of the Cluster Challenge. We are extremely grateful to them for their help and participation. Details of the systems that will be used will be added soon.


For Students:
Each student team will comprise six students with up to two advisors. The competition is focussed on hardware and software optimisation on selected key applications within a 3kW power envelope.The CIUK 2020 competition will take place over a number of weeks leading up to a final online challenge during CIUK 2020 on 3 December. Teams will be given access to remote systems from participating companies and asked to complete a challenge within a two hour time limit. A Cluster Challenge league table will be updated after each challenge. The programme of challenges will be issued in early October. The Cluster Challenge provides a platform for you to showcase your skills to the UK and International HPC and AI communities.


For Heads of Departments; Advanced Research Computing Divisions, Outreach Officers:
The Cluster Challenge will provide students with a project that supports their learning whilst bringing an element of teamwork, honing communication and attracting positive attention to all parties involved. There will be a framework of cluster challenges provided to ensure limited resources other than team building and mentoring would be required from you.

For Vendors:
This is a Corporate and Social Responsibility opportunity to be associated with a UK cluster Challenge national league and sponsor the talent of tomorrow. There are so many opportunities and positive outcomes based on test and development, recruitment, collaboration plus national and international coverage in this market that the challenge might be – why not get involved?

For more information on the ISC Challenge please see:

If there are any questions, or you require further information, please contact us.

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