CIUK 2021 Cluster Challenge
21 Jun 2021







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  • Teams of six students will complete a number of online mini challenges over the weeks leading up to the conference, followed by a series of challenges during the event on 9-10 December.
  • Based on the CIUK competition, a CIUK team will be identified to compete in the International Supercomputing Student Cluster Challenge in Frankfurt in June 2022.
  • ​​Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate.

Final Leader Board

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Challenge Results
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Meet the Teams

​Team Durham 

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​Team Bristol / Bath 

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Meet the Cluster Challenge Partner Companies


Following the success of our first ever Student Cluster Challenge at CIUK 2020 the competition will return in 2021 with some changes that we think will improve the experience for everyone. CIUK is preparing to return to a physical, face-to-face conference in 2021. As a result the Student Cluster Competition will become a hybrid competition with a series of online challenges leading up to the conference followed by some physical, hands-on challenges during the conference itself.

Here is the agenda for the competition:

  • Monday 11 October – Alces Flight Presentation
  • Wednesday 13 October – Alces Flight (ONLINE CHALLENGE)
  • Monday 25 October – Boston Presentation
  • Wednesday 27 October – Boston (ONLINE CHALLENGE)
  • Monday 8 November – OCF Presentation
  • Wednesday 10 November – OCF (ONLINE CHALLENGE)
  • Monday 22 November – Lenovo Presentation
  • Wednesday 24 November – Lenovo (ONLINE CHALLENGE)
  • Wednesday 8 December –  OCF (pm)
  • Thursday 9 December – Lenovo (am) / Alces Flight (pm)
  • Friday 10 December – Boston (am) - Results announced (pm)
You will note that each challenge will include an online presentation where the supporting company will present on the system that they are making available, provide instructions for log-on, and outline the challenge that will be completed that week. These presentations will be recorded and shared via the cluster challenge wiki so that they can be returned to for reference.​

Have a look back to our first ever Cluster Challenge Competition at CIUK 2020...


Last years challenge winners - Team Durham - along with two members of the Bristol University team that competed, have since gone on to represent Team CIUK in the ISC'21 Student Cluster Challenge against some of the best student teams from around the world. Unfortunately, as that competiton was entirely online they did not get the opportunity to travel to Germany for the competition but hopefully, if ISC'22 returns to a physical conference in June 2022, the winners of this year's CIUK challenge will be able to make the trip to Germany to represent Team CIUK.

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