Chin Yong

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I am a member of Senior Research Scientist of the Computational Chemistry Group at Daresbury Laboratory since October 2000. I have extensive research experience in a wide-range of molecular modelling fields including polymers, particle bombardment, nano-surface contacts, mineral surface interactions and biological simulations, using a variety of techniques such as the molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and ab-initio electronic calculations. 

Since November 2008, I have been an active support scientist for the CCP5 community, in particular, in areas of potential model development. I am also the lead developer of DL_FIELD​, a powerful force field model development and editing software tool for DL_POLY molecular dynamics package as a result of culmination of many years experiences in molecular modelling research.

Current research activities including molecular simulations of graphene-cellulose nanocomposite materials, solubilisation of drug molecules, and protein NiR.