New STORIES section added to CoSeC website
20 Feb 2020
- Dawn Geatches



Scientifc Tales of Reason, Intellect and Entertaining Stuff!

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A new and different section of the CoSeC website has just been launched. ​​The inspiration for the new section came from Professor Paul Durham, former director of STFC's Computational Science and Engineering Department, (now known as the Scientific Computing Department) and former ​President of the CECAM Council. The aim of the new Stories section is to provide a platform for scientifi​​c material that has value but no obvious home. ​

Professor Paul Durham

In Paul's own words '’s not novel research at all, really, but rather a kind of personal diary of things you learn in the course of trying to do research, things that are perhaps not too widely known.'

For example, there you will find personal explorations of science presented as ‘scientific discovery diaries’ replete with results and images; transcripted conversations with scientific colleagues, and personal stories and anecdotes from a lifetime’s career spent immersed in science.​ ​

After browsing through Paul's material, you might be inspired to provide your own. If so, please contact

​Thank you and enjoy!










Contact: Geatches, Dawn (STFC,DL,SC)