Popular cryo-Microscopy Conference Returns as In-Person Event
07 Jun 2022




Letters  that read as 'CCP-EM' with 'Spring Symposium' written beneath them





A popular conference now in its 8th year, the CCP-EM Spring Symposium is a forum to highlight state of the art developments in computational cryo-microscopy (cryoEM) and related themes, as well as showcasing outstanding recent biological applications. Hosted by the Scientific Computing Department (SCD)  this national conference for researchers in biological cryoEM was held on 3-5 May 2022. 

The SCD team was delighted to welcome delegates once again to an in-person meeting following the easing of covid restrictions. A hybrid format was used with 150 physical delegates at the East Midlands Conference Centre (Nottingham University) and 643 unique attendees joining via Zoom from 27 different countries. 


The speaker above is Dr. Matt Iadanza (also CCP-EM/SCD/STFC), presenting "What's new in CCP-EM". (All staff acknowledged in the slide under 'CCP-EM Core Team' are also members of SCD/STFC.)​

​An exciting programme was arranged by our scientific organisers Dr. Doryen Bubeck (Imperial College London) and Prof. Paula da Fonseca (University of Glasgow). There were 23 speakers from high profile institutes (including STFC, DLS, Franklin, MRC-LMB, Crick, EMBL, Max Planck Institute, Berkeley and Universities of Leeds, Birkbeck, Oxford).

The event also included the Diamond Light Source biological cryo-imaging user meeting which detailed developments at the Electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC) & B24 (beamline for 3D Correlative Cryo-Imaging for the Life Sciences).

 SCD's Tom Burnley, who leads the CCP-EM team said, “We always aim to promote an inclusive, friendly atmosphere welcoming both old and new to the community. The conference received excellent feedback from participants and it was particularly exciting to visualise scientists in 3D real space after two years of virtual Symposia!"

Topics included instrument technology, sample preparation alongside computational developments in  image processing, single particle reconstruction, tomography and model building. The full schedule and recorded talks are available here: https://ccpemss.co.uk/schedule/

Contact: Geatches, Dawn (STFC,DL,SC)