What is CIUK?
19 Sep 2018







Now in its 31st year the event formerly known as the Machine Evaluation Workshop combines an exhibition of the latest High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware and software with a programme of presentations from users  who provide delegates with an overview of their use of HPC in real life situations. Attendees are able to hear success stories and problems encountered as projects make use of the latest HPC tools and equipment, as well as the solutions implemented to make the projects successful.

Through its exhibition Computing Insight UK (CIUK) allows attendees to communicate with a wide and varied selection of hardware and software vendors and resellers under one roof.  Why schedule a number of visits or meetings on separate days – losing valuable work time – when you can meet all of your potential suppliers in the same place?

We take pride in the fact that CIUK is one of a very small number of HPC events in the UK that provides such a wide and varied programme of events within one conference. Now attracting around 400 attendees each year we are confident that CIUK is the UK’s premier annual HPC conference.

"CIUK is the only UK based HPC and Big Data conference addressing novice, established, public and private sector interests alike and the best networking event I have attended" Georgina Ellis, HPC Business Development Manager, OCF plc


CIUK is aimed at the people using HPC facilities. If you use HPC in your daily work then CIUK will provide you with updates on what is new and what will be released in the near future, as well as providing you with case studies from researchers sharing details of how they were able to solve problems they encountered. If you have a story to tell then why not apply to present in our main programme.

CIUK is also aimed at the people that run and  maintain large scale computing facilities. If you are a Systems Administrator then CIUK will provide you with the opportunity to network with other Systems Administrators. The event will also provide you with the opportunity to speak to your hardware vendors one-to-one and discuss any site specific issues or operational problems you may be experiencing.

CIUK will also be attractive to the people responsible for their institutions HPC budget or procurement plans. If you have a procurement scheduled and want to know what is available within your budget then CIUK gives you the opportunity to discuss product roadmaps and pricing schedules with multiple vendors at the same time.

If you are a student or young researcher working in a computing subject then why not come and broaden your knowledge – and maybe speak to some potential employers?  

If you are a company that has never used HPC but would like to understand what the benefits could be for your product development, time to market, production costs… CIUK’s programme of user presentations will highlight actual examples from individuals and companies that have benefited from the use of HPC facilities and give you some background to help you assess whether HPC is something you should be looking into for the future.


Attendees at CIUK will leave the conference with an appreciation of what is new within the HPC community and some ideas of how HPC can help in their research projects or business development. You will also have the opportunity to make new contacts and develop working relationships with other like-minded researchers, technical staff and decision makers.


Have a look at our selection of videos on YouTube from previous CIUK conferences...


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