Managing Data for Lasers

Several beams of light coming from a green laser.



ICAT. SCD's Sofware Engineering Group (SEG) develops and maintains the ICAT (link opens in a new window) suite of data management tools. These include tools for data cataloguing, data access and data download. They are designed with the data management requirement and processes of facilities in mind and are used within ISIS, Diamond Light Sources, and Central Laser Facility. ICAT is being developed as an open source collaboration and is being used with within facilities around the world.

Data Management Service for CLF. SEG has developed and maintains the data ingest, ​archiving and access service on behalf of the Astra-Gemini Laser within CLF. This includes a customised data management system, an ICAT system and a bespoke client, the eCAT for accessing and exploring laser data.

Data Management for Lasers for Science. SEG is developing a system to manage data generated by the OCTOPUS imaging cluster within the Lasers for Science Facility (LSF). This system requires the management of data generated within OCTOPUS, and also access to computing resources to launch jobs for image analysis and track the results of the jobs and subsequent data sets.