Computer Systems Research and Development
01 Mar 2017



​​Within the Scientific Computing Department, the Systems Division contains three groups working in separate research areas

Data centre



​​In large scale high throughput systems SCD researches, develops and operates the LHC Tier-1 Centre for the GRIDPP collaboration. The department was recently involved in the successful search for the Higgs Boson particle. The Tier-1 is one of 12 large computing centres globally who provide the backbone of the processing and data analysis infrastructure for the LHC.

The Scientific Computing department manages computing resources that underpin the department's support of STFC facilities (SCARF), provide core infrastructure services to the UK and European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) as well as hosting Data and Compute intensive services for UK users.

JASMIN provides the UK and European climate and earth-system science communities with an efficient data analysis environment. Many datasets, particularly model data, are too big to be easily shipped around: JASMIN enables scientists to bring their processing to the data.

JASMIN provides new ways for scientists to collaborate in self-managing group workspaces, enabling models and algorithms to be evaluated alongside curated archive data, and for data to be shared and evaluated before being deposited in the permanent archive.

SCD researches, develops and applies new scalable systems including Cloud and Big Data technologies to ensure that the department remains able to support the vast quantities of data generated by physical and simulated experiments.

SCD supports and maintains visualisation software and skills for large projects and user communities across STFC.

Software Engineering supports the development of high quality and sustainable software by the use of software engineering tools and techniques. The department's main activities centre around practical and applicable software engineering, with a focus on supporting the development of good quality and sustainable software Research Groups involved in computational science research.