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​​​Tarik obtained is PhD in computational physics in 2018 from the Zienkiewicz centre for computational engineering of Swansea university. His PhD was about simulation of semiconductors plasmonic nanolasers using advanced time domain computational electromagnetics. He then worked for 18 months as an optoelectronic device software developer at Silvaco Inc. on the ATLAS product, a leading software for simulating semiconductor devices. 

Moving on to the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum, he further joined Isotropic systems, a fast-growing start-up company specialized in manufacturing ground relay antennas for broadband satellite communications.

Moving back to the very high energy range of wave propagation problems, he is now working at STFC in the CCP4 group as a computational scientist where his current interest is about simulation of electron diffraction by macromolecular crystals in Transmission Electron Microscopes.  ​