EOSC pilot delivers the foundation for the European Open Science Cloud
17 Jun 2019
- Marion O'Sullivan



The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) pilot project has now delivered its final contributions and recommendations, setting strong foundations for the implementation of EOSC in the coming months and years.

Some EOSCpilot ​members after the project final review in Brussels



Led by Dr Juan Bicarregui at STFC's Scientific Computing Department (SCD) the EOSCpilot has, for the past two years, worked with research communities and institutions, infrastructures and funding bodies to refine the vision of the European Open Science Cloud.  EOSCpilot was the first project of an ambitious European programme to create a virtual environment for the 1.7 million researchers and 70 million professionals in science, technology, humanities and social sciences in Europe to overcome geographical and institutional barriers in storing, analysing and re-using research data.

Dr Bicarregui said, “I am very pleased that we have been able to deliver a sound basis on which to continue building EOSC.  We have identified opportunities and developed policies and plans as well as detailing a number of areas where more work needs to be done.  We are now looking forward the next phase in the EOSC programme, where many projects will work together to make data more open and accessible for researchers worldwide."

SCD has a leading role in several of the next phase EOSC projects - EXPANDS, PANOSC, FAIRsFAIR and the EOSC-Secretariat.  Juan Bicarregui has been appointed to the EOSC Executive Board that will provide advice and support on the strategy, implementation, monitoring and reporting on the progress of the implementation of the EOSC.

​More information: EOSCpilot key contributions to the European Open Science Cloud​​.

Some EOSCpilot ​members after the project final review in Brussels, June 2019.​ 

(Image credit: EOSCpilot.eu)

From the left:  Brian Matthews*, Mark Thorley*, Volker Beckmann, Nick Ferguson, Juan Bicarregui*, Vasso Kalaitzi, Kevin Ashley, Per Öster, Steven Newhouse, Dale Robertson, Jan van Wezel and Rob Carrillo. 

(* STFC Scientific Computing Department)​

Contact: O'Sullivan, Marion (STFC,RAL,SC)