28 Feb 2017



JASMIN is half super-computer and half data-centre and provides a globally unique platform at STFC, hosted for computing and storing UK and European environmental science data.

JASMIN super-data-computer


Credit: STFC

​ It is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and​ delivered by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

 A bustling hub of scientific collaboration, JASMIN has more than 150 NERC-related science projects using its group workspaces and the CEDA archive. These workspaces bring together researchers from across the domains of data-intensive environmental science. 

Around 1000 virtual machines and 5000 cores of computing power are woven together with a fast internal network; which efficiently moves petabytes of data around, into, and out of JASMIN every month. Today, JASMIN’s storage capacity stands at around 45 petabytes. To give an idea of scale, that's equivalent to more than 8 million DVDs and j​ust one​ petabyte of average length songs would equate to approximately 2000 years of continuous play!