Greg Cartland-Glover.

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​​​​I am a computational scientist interested in the numerical modelling of turbulent and buoyant flow of fluids. I have studied the effect that such fluid flows have on the local environment of large- or small-scale devices for industrial and domestic applications. Topical application of the modelling approaches developed and used were based in the automotive industry, food & agricultural industries, nuclear reactor safety and wastewater treatment. In particular, I have modelled a variety of multiphase flows (gas-liquid, solid-liquid, gas-liquid-solid) along with heterogeneous chemical and biochemical reactions. I have also modelled thermal convection driven by internal heat sources and temperature gradients. Recent work I have performed involved the simulation of thermal fluid dynamics and neutronics of a molten salt fast reactor that is being developed as a future generation of nuclear reactor. Here we investigated whether the freezing of salt at the reactor vessel wall could be used as a corrosion control measure.​

I am a chemical engineer by education (, which I studied at Aston University ( at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. After finishing my studies, I became a Marie-Curie host fellow at both the University College Cork ( in the department of Process and Chemical Engineering in Ireland and Veolia Group Research and Innovation centre for water treatment in Maisons-Laffite in France ( Following my research in France, I then became a post-doctoral researcher at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (, where I investigated fluid dynamics in the containment vessels of light water nuclear reactors. I then returned to the UK to take up a Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship at Aston University studying internally heated convection. Since 2014, I have been working in the computational engineering group, where I have been modelling a variety of fluid flows. For more information about my research and career please visit my profiles at ResearchGate ​( and ORCID (