​​​​​​I obtained my BEng/MEng in Nuclear Engineering in 2003 at the Institute Balseiro of the National University of Cuyo, Argentina. I completed my PhD in Physics at the Queen’s University of Belfast in 2008. After having worked two years in the Nuclear Engineering department of Rolls-Royce, I joined the University of Liverpool as PDRA in 2011. In March 2017 I became part of the SCD where I work as computational scientist.

My research mainly focuses on the development and implementation of various computational approaches for simulation of complex systems at the nano-scale level. I have particular interest in electronic structure methods to research on novel materials with potential applications in energy conversion and storage. At the SCD I am responsible for the implementation of the Empirical Valence Bond method in DL_POLY, which will enable to carry out molecular dynamics simulations of reactive process via the use of non-reactive force fields.