JASMIN leaflet
14 Jan 2020
- Evelyn Greeves



A leaflet about JASMIN, a facility for analysis of environmental data in a globally unique computational environment.


​​JASMIN is currently used by over 2000 researchers worldwide.


JASMIN  is a globally unique petascale analysis facility for data-intensive environmental science. Over 160 science projects are currently supported, covering topics ranging from climate science and oceanography to air pollution, earthquake deformation and analysis of wildlife populations. Compute and storage are linked by a high bandwidth network to provide users with a mix of batch, community cloud, interactive computing and flexible data analysis. The JASMIN infrastructure was custom-built by STFC’s Scientific Computing Department, in collaboration with the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) for the user-facing services.​​​

For more information, find and download the JASMIN leaflet here​: JASMIN flyer.pdf

Contact: Greeves, Evelyn (STFC,RAL,SC)