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​I am a recent graduate who is rotating around the scientific computing department, currently undertaking my first rotation on the Grid Tools team within DCIG, where I am working mainly on APEL and the resource accounting dashboards for IRIS. My degree was completed at the University of Reading, where I studied computer science with an industrial placement. During my placement year, which was carried out in 2019, I gained a lot of experience in cybersecurity and Java back-end development, which led me to creating a simple peer to peer blockchain network implementing a quite interesting hashing algorithm for my dissertation. During my final year, I completed many interesting Python based projects, such as creating and evaluating various genetic algorithms, which led to me to being quite interested in Python and more 'algorithm' based development. During my spare time I like to skate, and I also very much enjoy nature and anime. If you would like to see more detail on the projects I have completed and am currently working on, please check out my github at: :)​​​​