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​​​​After my undergraduate masters degree at the Uni of Exeter I got a job at Qinetiq in the stealth group modelling electromagnetic interactions with materials. After 2 years there I had decided on a PhD field, which was particle physics, so I went to Queen Mary University of London to study. I was a member of the ATLAS experiment and graduated in 2012.

 I then worked in industry for 4.5 years at Schlumberger, the oil and gas services company. I was a software tester for fluid and reservoir simulation packages. After redundancy I spent 9 months at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy working on simplified but fast models for future power stations.

 I started my job at RAL in 2018. I am the computing liaison between the CMS experiment and the 'Tier 1' data centre at RAL. I also have a role in CMS Computing, and was highly involved in the adoption by CMS of new data management software. ​