Life Sciences
28 Feb 2017



The Computational Biology Group develops a range of software in the areas of structural biology, molecular simulation and omics. In particular, we participate in several multi-institution collaborative projects which support major packages.

An unfinished jigsaw of a blue helix structure on a black background, under a spotlight.



​Name of Package
​How to Access
​Suite of software for the solution of macromolecular structures by X-ray crystallography. Licensed for an annual fee to for-profit organisations, and free of charge to academics.
​​Suite of software for the solution of macromolecular structures by​ Electron cryo-Microscopy.

A collaborative endeavou​r to develop new diffraction integration software to meet the data analysis requirements of new light sources such as X-FELS, sub-micron focus synchrotron beamlines. This is a collaboration between Diamond Light Source, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, and STFC.


Contact: Ballard, Charles (STFC,RAL,SC)