Job Title
Impact Manager
Office Phone Number
(01235) 394205
Office Location
RAL R89,F.31
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​​​​​​I am the Impact Manager for STFC's Scientific Computing Department. I look at the amazing and valuable, but often very complex, work our computational scientists are doing and I  find ways to demonstrate the impact it is having on science, the economy and on society. I guess you could say I'm an interface between the scientists and a wide variety of audiences from  the UK Government, academia and industry to families or school students making career choices.  I'm always on the lookout for exciting news to tell people about  or ways in which we are making a computational or research process simpler and more cost-effective, problems we are solving,  projects where we are contributing to the health and wealth of the UK, and where we are leading  in international collaborations.

​I have extensive experience in writing for the media, media interviews, reputation management, and crisis management. ​Many years ago I was a freelance ​reporter for a local newspaper and I even did a brief stint as a radio presenter for a local community radio station.