New CoSeC Director, Stephen Longshaw
11 Dec 2023






We are pleased to announce that Dr Stephen Longshaw has been named as the new Director of the CoSeC programme following the appointment of Dr Barbara Montanari to the role of Head of Programmes and Strategy in STFC Scientific Computing​.


Stephen has been a computational scientist in STFC Scientific Computing for the last 9 years, and a principal scientist since 2019. He has a background in computer science and, following completing an interdisciplinary PhD, has worked in computational engineering for the past 12 years. Over the last 5 years he has focused on cross-cutting topics such as scientific code coupling and heterogeneous computation. Alongside this, he has played a significant role in CoSeC, both as project lead for the collaborative communities for Wave Structure Interaction and as technical lead for the programme itself, where he has initiated activities like the CoSeC Conference series.

Stephen said "Working with Barbara over the past couple of years as CoSeC’s technical lead I have watched the programme really take shape. The work done by its scientists and research technical professionals underpin a significant portion of the UK’s computational science activities. I see a very bright future for CoSeC and the communities it supports. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Barbara in her new role to ensure not only that CoSeC continues to thrive as a focal point for computational science but also that it grows as part of the exciting future unfolding in front of us".

Barbara said “I see a very bright future for CoSeC and its communities under Stephen’s leadership. He has the experience and passion to grow and expand the impact of CoSeC across the research areas th​at can be powered-up by the staggering advances in computing that are happening right now”. 

Contact: Jones, Damian (STFC,DL,SC)