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Omar is a computational scientist at the Computational Engineering and Environment group at Daresbury Laboratory. Omar's main interest is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) which he utilises to study turbulent flows, multiphase flows and fluid-structure interaction. Currently, Omar is working on simulating the hydro-dynamics forces of the waves and sloshing fluids, which has direct applications in the marine and aviation industry.   He was part of the Turbulence Simulation Group at the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London from which he obtained his MSc and PhD degrees. He was investigating and optimising active control techniques for drag reduction applications. Furthermore, he has BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Menoufia University in Egypt. Further information about Omar's research is on his ResearchGate profile (

Omar's research interests are:

  • Multiphase flows and fluid-structure interaction
  • Direct and Large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows
  • High-performance computing