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I joined the STFC graduate scheme in 2020 after finishing my degree (Physics, MPhys) at Cardiff University. The scheme appealed to me as it offered a chance to continue working in Physics but with a focus on Scientific Computing - an area I find particularly fascinating.

My first project was with the Cloud Operations Group working on scalable and expandable solutions for high performance computing. This involved a deep dive into configuration management, SysOps, and DevOps but with the overall aim always being to support and enhance the scientific work that takes place on site at RAL, and the wider needs of STFC.

I have also spent 6 months with the Theoretical and Computation Physics Group, with a focus on the suite of software developed to simulate and model muon experiments. This complements the experimental work that takes place at ISIS and is an opportunity to really see a direct link between the computing department, and the research that it supports.