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​​​​​​​Dr Peter Oliver, Head of Operations SCD

Dr Peter Oliver gained his PhD from the University of Bath in 1994 with his thesis entitled “Computer Simulation of the Effects of Temperature on Oxide Surfaces.” Inspired by high performance computing (HPC) Peter joined the Rutherford Appleton laboratory in in 1997 to provide user support on the national HPC service Cray J90. Since then Peter  has developed his expertise and was responsible for the  specification, procurement and management High Performance Computing Systems such as STFC’s Facilities (SCARF), national e-infrastructures (NGS & NeS) and  climate and earth-system science (JASMIN). In 2013 Peter changed roles to the SCD Technology Division with expertise in visualisation, code optimisation, software engineering and computational mathematics.

Peter in his current role as head of operations is responsible for the implementation of SCD’s 5 year strategy, department finances and increasing the impact of SCD activities.