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Project Manager - IRIS & PMO
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(01235) 446073
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RAL Remoteworking,-
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​​​​Philip Jackson graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with a degree in Biochemistry and Genetics. He began his career in the private sector before joining the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Philip is now a Project Manager in the Scientific Computing Department, where his primary role is to ensure that projects within the department are achieving what they had been set up to do. This includes making sure that everyone involved knows what they are doing, when it needs to be done, are spending the expected amount of money and has the right resources they need to complete the task. On top of these responsibilities, Philip also acts as an advisor for the process of spending public sector money, ensuring that the rules established for doing this are adhered to and helping people in the department to get the best value for money for resources they need.

Currently, Philip is involved with IRIS, a collaborative project aimed at helping to build the digital research infrastructure that modern science needs to simulate, process, store and analyse its data. IRIS works with some exciting projects like the Square Kilometre Array and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment.​