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(01235) 446174
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RAL R116,FirstFloor
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​​My work at the SCD Theoretical and Computational Physics Group consists in the development and application of new theoretical frameworks to study interfacial electronic re-hybridisation accounting for the many physical factors at play including external (electro-chemical or photo-electro-chemical) stimuli.

I am also involved via the CSED Innovation and Development Programme in the development of a fast and scalable (grand-canonical) ensemble-DFT direct optimisation in the Linear-Scaling-DFT code ONETEP.

I got my PhD at the University of Liverpool where my research was focused on large scale simulations of medium exposed inorganic Nanotubes. Subsequently I spent 3 years at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. There I studied the behaviour of aqueous interfaces in different relevant system for biological (protein/water) and technological (anode/water) applications. I then joined SCD.

In addition to my project my main research interest regards the study of novel materials/approaches to develop functional interfaces for electrochemical, energy conversion applications.​