SCD Science Highlights
07 Mar 2017



SCD Science Highlights




Welcome to the latest Science highlights from the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Scientific Computing Department.

 Once again this​ report identifies particular highlights within the context of the SCD 5 year strategic plan (2017 – 2021)​​​ and includes someSCD Highlights 2017.PNG​ really interesting work, such as :

  • Using simulations to examine the formation of frozen salt films in molten salt fast reactors, with a view to reducing corrosion of the reactor walls.
  • An introduction to Longbow, a tool that runs simulations on supercomputers whilst giving the impression they are running on your own PC.
  • Advances in electron cryo-microscopy and new software that focuses on the interpretation of 3D molecular shapes obtained from images taken with an electron microscope.
  • DAFNI, a national platform for the computational needs in support of data analysis; infrastructure research; and strategic thinking for the UK’s long term planning and investment needs.​
  • ​Our activities engaging with schools and young people to provide them with new skills and enthuse and encourage them to look at computational science as a career choice.

SCD Science Highlights

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