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10 Dec 2018







You are invited to an SCD Seminar by -


Pete Beckman, Mathematics & Computer Science, Argonne and Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Host: Tony Hey, Chief Data Scientist and Science & Machine Learning Group Leader, SCD


Monday 10 December 2018 at 10:45am

CR12/CR13, RAL and via VC to CR3, B Block, DL


The Internet of Things, the Intelligent Edge, and the Cloud


The number of network-connected devices (sensors, actuators, instruments, computers, and data stores) now substantially exceeds the number of humans on this planet. Billions of things that sense, think, and act are connected to a planet-spanning network of cloud and high-performance computing centers that contain more computers than the entire Internet did just a few years ago.  Parallel computation and machine learning are providing the basis for a new computing continuum that analyses data in-situ, and uses high performance computing to model, predict, and learn. This new paradigm is giving rise to intelligent cities, smart agriculture, and advanced manufacturing. The Waggle Platform, developed at Argonne National Laboratory is an example of a computing system designed to support edge computing and in-situ analytics. The Array of Things project at the University of Chicago is deploying hundreds of Waggle-based nodes with advanced wireless sensors in Chicago and other cities. Each of the nodes support parallel edge computing, computer vision and machine learning.  In this presentation, we will explore the opportunities and research challenges in our new interconnected and edgy world.




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