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01 Feb 2019








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Computational Mathematics and Applications seminar

Date and Time: Thursday February 21st at 2pm
Location: CR21 (R1) @ RAL (with video link to Barkla, A Block @ DL)

Speaker: Professor Martin S. Andersen, Technical University of Denmark

Title: Tomographic imaging with flat-field uncertainty


Classical methods for X-ray computed tomography (CT) are based on the assumption that the X-ray source intensity is known. In practice, however, the intensity is measured and hence uncertain. Under normal circumstances, when the exposure time is sufficiently high, this kind of uncertainty typically has a negligible effect on the reconstruction quality. However, in time- or dose-limited applications such as dynamic CT, this uncertainty may cause severe and systematic artifacts known as ring artifacts.

By modeling the measurement process and by taking uncertainties into account, it is possible to derive a convex reconstruction model that leads to improved reconstructions when the signal-to-noise ratio is low. We discuss some computational challenges associated with the model and illustrate its merits with some numerical examples based on simulated and real data.


All welcome. You are also invited to come and join us for lunch in the Rutherford restaurant beforehand.

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