STFC-CVMFS content distribution service
24 Jun 2021
- Ian Collier



Description of the STFC CVMFS Content Distribution service




​Comprising a CVMFS Stratum 0 repository service, which users can us eto publish their software, and a global network of Stratum 0 replica servers, STFC CVMFS provides an easy to use way to publish software and other content making it instantly available on compute resources around the world. 

Developed at CERN CVMFS is used to distribute all the software used by the LHC experiments across the WorldWide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), and is both highly scalable and performant.

Privacy Notice

The STFC CVMFS Content Di​stribution Service privacy noti​ce can be found here:


and the Acceptable Use Policy can be found here:


Contact: Collier, Ian (STFC,RAL,SC)