STFC at Materials Research Exchange 2022
23 Sep 2022



Taking Your Innovation to the Next Level




Unique techniques in combination with state-of-the-art equipment provide the UK's industry with unparalleled opportunities for materials characterisation and investigation. STFC's national laboratories, which host the UK's large scale science facilities, invite you to join them and hear about the support that is offered to industry for research and innovation from beginning to end.  The speakers will explain how the suite of techniques and programmes that are available through STFC will enable you to address your materials challenges with a deeper perspective.​​​

Materials Research Exchange (MRE) 2022 will be taking place 3rd – 5th October 2022 and will be delivered as face to face with potential virtual add-on for selected seminars. The event is organised and run by Innovate UK KTN​ and ​Innovate UK taking place at the Business Design Centre in London and will be full of new insights about what materials research and innovations are taking place to help the UK recover, become more resilient and grow.

STFC's session takes place on Wednesday 5th October, from 13:30-14:40

Speaker Line-up:

Ric Allott.PNGRic Allott

Title: "Bridging the Gap between Pioneering Science and Business"

At STFC we develop, build and operate the UK's large scale science facilities. I will provide an introduction to STFC, highlighting our expertise and capabilities across the breadth of our science and technology and the benefits of working with us. I will also bring to light how to engage with us and access our facilities.

Graham Appleby.PNGGraham Appleby

Title: "Materials analysis using complementary x-ray and neutron techniques"

To fully understand the structural properties and dynamics of advanced materials systems, it is often required to apply a range of complementary materials characterisation techniques. This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of various x-ray and neutron scattering techniques, and provide examples of where they are synergistically applied to materials systems of commercial relevance.

Joe Bennett.PNGJoe Bennett

Title: "Taking a collaborative approach to accelerating the use of materials and processes for space exploration"

Your partner in space. STFC offers flexible access to equipment and specialists to test and validate space technology. I will talk about themes from collaborative work. 

Ilian Todorov.PNGIlian Todorov

Title: "CCP5 – history and application of UK community software in aid of industry"

Professor Ilian Todorov, Group Leader, Computation Chemistry Group, Scientific Computing, STFC, will present the Computational Chemistry Suite of simulation packages, developed at STFC Daresbury Laboratory since 1990s.  The talk will involve very little methodology exposure but outline its essence to the emergence of high performance computing and research software engineering as well as their combined contribution to the emergence of collaborations with Unilever, AstraZeneca, AWE, NNL, INTEL, IBM, NVIDIA, etc. later leading to the establishment of the Hartree Centre at STFC.  He will share research outcomes relevant to the nuclear cycle, consumer chemistry and energy sector. themes will also be showcased.

Jonathan Smith.PNGJonathan Smith

Title: “Responding to Industry Materials Chemistry Challenges with Computational Chemistry, Supercomputers, AI and Quantum Computing: An Introduction to the Hartree Centre”

The Hartree Centre's Mission is to help UK industry be more productive by accelerating the adoption of AI, HPC and data science. Computational Chemistry is a particular strength of the centre, where we respond to challenges across formulated products, polymers and alloys with contemporary software tools to provide understanding of processes, build capability, understanding and application knowledge that lets partners gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Case studies, future horizons and funding opportunities will be highlighted.

Contact: Samler, Marion (STFC,RAL,SC)