SciML and Technology
03 Nov 2021







​Neutron scitillator detector data from an AmBe source showing the distribution of gamma, fast neutron and thermal neutron pulses.

The STFC Technology Department has significant expertise in developing and manufacturing advanced detector systems. Innovative detector technology has direct applications to other STFC facilities such as Diamond, ISIS, and CLF, as well as to the larger community. We are working with the STFC Technology Department to enhance the capabilities of detector technology with data-driven methods.

Pulse Shape Discrimination in Neutron Scintillator Detectors

Scintillator detectors capture signals from multiple types of incident radiation and it is necessary to discriminate between these different types with both high accuracy and high computational efficiency. Data-driven approaches can learn to accurately discriminate between complex noisy signals and uncover the true underlying distribution of the data, and numerous frameworks have been developed to generate high performance models. Developing a successful method would produce a better signal-to-noise ratio than existing methods while keeping the latency costs low enabling more efficient neutron scintillator detectors for facility science, which has application to a wide variety of physical, biological, and material sciences.

Contact: Jackson, Samuel (STFC,RAL,SC)