Software Engineering Support
28 Feb 2017



​The Software Engineering Support Centre provides support to the UK academic community, with a focus on the CCP community in particular and is funded by EPSRC and provided by the Software Engineering Group with Scientific Computing at STFC.

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  • Provision of continuous integration/software testing service, utilising HPC resources  and providing third party licensed tools to enable high quality software to be written by the UK academic community;
  • Be responsive to and knowledgeable about our user community supporting them to improve software engineering practices by providing practical support;
  • Support of software as a long-lived research output through investigation of services in the curation, citation and impact areas integrated into CI services;
  • Be an integral part of a wider community, including links with SSI, EPCC and the DCC.

​It provides two tools to do this: SESC Build Service (based on Jenkins) for software testing and CCPForge for software development management. 

For more information please contact us through our helpdesk 

Case Study

"Data Analysis as a Service" Catherine Jones, SESC

Contact: Gonzalez Beltran, Alejandra (STFC,RAL,SC)