The story of Psi-k: From CCP9 to Psi-k
03 Jun 2020





CoSeC_Logo_high-res.jpgThis is a brief, personal and unofficial account of the first 25 years of the Psi-k Network, put together by members of the Band Theory Group at Daresbury Laboratory. We felt with some sense of urgency that it was important to record our own recollections, particularly of events in the early days and of the subsequent evolution of the Network as our field itself evolved technically and intellectually. This is how we saw things; it is in no way an “authorised history” of Psi-k.

Z. (Dzidka) Szotek, Leon Petit, Paul Durham

Story of Psi-k.pdf

Contact: Szotek, Zdzislawa (STFC,DL,SC)