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(01235) 445387
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RAL R89,S.51
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Tom Dack is a Senior Systems Administrator within Scientific Computing's Distributed Computing Infrastructure Group, where he leads the management and development of the IRIS ( Identity and Access Manager (IAM) service. The IRIS IAM is an Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) proxy and IRIS's answer to identity management – and thus a key component in the developing IRIS infrastructure. Tom is a STFC Distributed Research Trust and Security (DRTS) team, which pulls together experience across SCD and PPD in distributed research security, as well as an active and contributing participant in the international research infrastructure community – notably including the AARC Engagement Group for Infrastructures (AEGIS) – where he is the representative for IRIS – and the WLCG Authorization group, which is working on the development of a token-based infrastructure for the LHC. Alongside his role as a System Administrator, Tom also supports, participates and leads projects within STFC's Core activities, including public engagement where he is an organiser for the Remote3 project, and the Technician Commitment.​​​​​