Understanding magnetic structure from inelastic neutron scattering experiments
14 Jul 2020





​Collaborating Facility: ISIS Neutron & Muon Source

Neutrons have a magnetic moment, so when they interact with a material the changes in neutron energy and momentum tell us about the magnetic structure of that m​aterial. Rich information about magnetic structure can be obtained by carefully analysing the behaviour of neutrons in the presence of a magnetic sample. However, interpreting the data related to these changes results in a multi-dimensional data analysis problem where finding the right regions of this multi-dimensiona​l space and then analysing them requires large amounts of expert time.

This work aims to develop methods which are significantly easier and quicker than existing analysis techniques for inelastic neutron scattering (INS). The project will implement networks for analysing existing datasets, to extract both model Hamiltonians (the sum of the kinetic energies plus the potential energies for all the particles in a system) and to parameterise these Hamiltonians from the data.

Contact: Butler, Keith (STFC,RAL,SC)